Wrought in Iron

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Session 1 Overview
Ice Road Caravan

Thus begins the campaign. The party has been travelling with a caravan between Quar and Baralia for nearly a year, transporting iron and precious materials. To start the session, the four of them were about a day into travel, and caravan security was tighter than usual. They were transporting 250 lbs of gold bars, 300 lbs of silver bars, and a large, magically sealed iron box. The first night of the campaign, the party was on night watch, and was drawn into the woods by dancing lights. The party followed these lights to a cave, where they discovered an abandoned camping site and fought a skeleton and will-o-wisp. They found a magic wand which removes blocks of earth, and a small bag of black rocks, as well as some gold. They returned to camp without incident. The following day, they were separated from the caravan as everyone else hunted. Their job was to get the wagon across a ravine. Failing dexterity checks, they fell in, with the wagon following. Down there, they found some materials in another fallen caravan. Fifty pounds at a time, the metals were returned to the top of the ravine, and using the wand they found, the wagon was also recovered. The next day, the party awoke in a cell at a frost giant’s encampment. They managed to escape after a member of the crew created a diversion and got himself killed. They managed to escape with the contents of the iron box and twenty pounds of gold. They eventually reach a dungeon in the mountains near a destroyed inn. In the dungeon, they encountered a depraved mermaid, a mirror trap, a water trap where the only escape was death, and fought a gelatinous cube after freeing it from a glass orb hanging from the ceiling. The session ended as they ventured down a long tunnel.


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